COVID Measures

Mustapha Ratib COVID-19 Measures

During this trying time, while the whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mustapha Ratib remains committed to your needs while strictly following the CDC guidelines.

We are generally considered a safe business and we can operate as per usual. 

However, there are a few new health and safety measures we have adopted as part of our standard operations, which we will abide to:

  • We are fully briefed on all the protocols and PPE requirements to ensure safety during this time. This includes no physical contact, regular hand washing, and regular cleaning of office spaces.
  • We are fully capable of performing all tasks remotely via industry-standard secure methods
  • We have established the following capabilities for all of our clients’ needs:
    • The ability to work remotely from start to finish​ on any tasks
    • Initiating secure virtual meetings using the Zoom & Microsoft Teams platforms
    • Sending encrypted email to clients via secure email
    • The ability to sign official tax and financial documents through ESignature.